Kongtinue is a group formed by a team of Hong Kong social workers and education advocates. For Hong Kong children and teenagers who have migrated to the United Kingdom, being third-culture kids (TCKs), which refers to children who have not grown up in their parents' country of origin during their formative years, self-fulfillment, community adaptation, and emotional issues are significant challenges they face in transitioning to different environments.

Our team aims to be a bridge of support for Hong Kong children and teenagers who have migrated to the UK, accompanying them through these significant challenges. We hope that even though they may not have grown up in Hong Kong, they can still appreciate Hong Kong culture and values. As such, we have named our organization "Kongtinue," representing the idea of "continuation."



Advisory Board Members 顧問委員會

Paul Woodman

Head of Safeguarding Board responsible for overseeing our safeguarding policy, is an MBA graduate with 27 years of experience in the charity sector. He currently holds the positions of Designated Safeguarding Lead and Company Secretary and serves as the leader of City Life Church Southampton. In these roles, he oversees the work with foster carers, refugees, newly arrived BN(O) migrants, and the homeless while also serving as a school director for three local schools. Paul also received the City of Southampton Award from the Lord Mayor in recognition of his work to the community. 

Elaine Lo

Former inspector of the Special Educational Needs Section at the Hong Kong Education Bureau

Jabez Lam

Centre manager of Hackney Chinese Community Services.

People 團隊成員

Fermi Wong 王惠芬 


Founder of Hong Kong Unison, a non-profit organisation committed to advance racial equality and equal opportunities in social participation, particularly education, for ethnic minorities in Hong Kong through policy influencing. Fermi was formerly an appointed committee member on the Promotion of Racial Harmony of Hong Kong government’s Home Affairs Bureau and awarded the 2012 Hong Kong Humanity Award by Red Cross in recognition of her long term contribution to humanity by serving the underprivileged.

融樂會創辦人、專門服務少數族裔,協助及組織他們參與社會行動。 曾擔任種族和諧諮詢委員會成員,在2012 年獲頒香港人道年獎。



Isaac Cheng 鄭家朗


Experienced in community work and education, and has collaborated with various Hong Kong welfare organisations to develop issue-based activities using games to explore topics related to academic stress. These were later integrated into the Other Learning Experiences curriculum in Hong Kong secondary schools. Isaac is also the writer of a children's book series, recommended by university professors and former HK Examinations and Assessment Authority Manager.




Maeve Yau 何嘉柔


Maeve is an experienced social workers in Hong Kong. Maeve worked in Tung Wah Group of Hospitals CEASE Crisis Centre, and a youth comprehensive service centre providing services to children, adolescents, ranging from age 6 to 24, and their parents.




Leanna Lai 


(Northern England)

Leanna is an experienced social workers in Hong Kong. Leanna worked late-night outreach services for children and adolescents aged under 18 in a comprehensive family service unit in Hong Kong